Goodbye August


‘Goodbye August’ A post from my new additional Blog Site S & S Photography North Wales. I’m still very much a learner but I thought I would create a new blog site for mine & my daughters photos. Su x

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Goodbye August Goodbye August

I don’t know who these flowers were for. My daughter and I spotted them at the top of a very dangerous country lane high above the North Wales Coast. A life lost. I don’t know your name or your age but this little flower bouquet touched me.

Someone, somewhere has a broken heart. Someone, somewhere misses you. Grief is a painful journey and the days of hurting and heartache go on and on. Tears fall, wrinkles spread, we age as the days go by. I lost my beloved Mum this year, she was the most beautiful person I have ever known. The kindest and strongest lady I have ever known., an amazing humanitarian . My heart aches but life must go on. Our days are numbered and short and I want to waste not a single one of them. Life is a precious gift. You can suffocate yourself…

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Reunited With My Simple Life

After almost 10 years I am so enjoying being reunited with my simple life. It was a life I used to enjoy so much, through choice. As a survivor of CSA and later in life I survived a narcissist. I had always found peace, solace and happiness in the simple things in life. Nature, wildlife, wide open spaces, the freedom of the great outdoors. Then I got distracted by a narcissist but the least said about that the better because he is HISTORY. Nature healed me back then and it’s healed me now too. Ok I have MS and other disabilities but I can still drive and I am so blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by nature and wildlife. I’ve been making lots of nature videos for my little YouTube channel but along the way I have discovered a love of photography too. Today we have set up a new blog to share our photographs. If you like nature too we would be so grateful for any likes and follows.

I’m still mourning the death of my beautiful Mum but she would be so happy of the route I have chosen to go down. It was my parents love of nature that I grew up with that I am so thankful for. Mother Nature is truly beautiful and I love her. No matter how hard things can be you should never give up fighting for you. Battle on and never look back. You are important and at the end of the day only you are responsible for your own happiness, no one else is. We are all walking along the road of life and the second hand on the clock keeps ticking down. Tick, tick, tick. I don’t intend wasting one single second of this beautiful life on the wrong thing ever again. I’m too old, too strong and I have fought too hard for too long and I am way too wise to follow a road sign that points to HELL ever again.

My Simple Life ~ Reunited
My Simple Life ~ Reunited

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