Common Soldier Beetles And Ladybirds On Thistles Near A Cornfield ~ Nature Video

I was out filming on a sunny summer day in North Wales UK when I came across these busy little insects. Ladybirds and Common Soldier Beetles. This was just filmed with my mobile phone. I’m hoping to invest in some decent photography equipment soon so hopefully my videos will be much better quality.I hope you enjoy it, thank you very much for watching. Su x


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Slow Down With Nature ~ Natural Spring Water ~ Birdsong ~ Slowmotion

This is a lovely spot in a woodland walk in North Wales UK, just a few hundred yards from the sea. I used to play here as a child and it holds many very happy memories for me, it’s so lovely to be able to visit my hometown whenever I feel like it now I am back living close by. I hope you enjoy the little video. Thank you very much for watching. Su


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River Reflections ~ Still Waters ~ Nature Video

This is one of my favourite places to go. A little woodland where I can feed the birds and relax by the river. A little hidden gem. On this day there was an angry little bird up above my head. I’ve been told it’s a Wren.It’s most probably protecting it’s young.


Sleepy Little Duck – Nature Video

I filmed this sleepy little duck at the pond a few weeks ago. He was resting, away from the other’s. So lovely and peaceful. 

I haven’t done any blogs for a long time. Lots of things have happened since I was last here, both good and bad, the worst being my beautiful Mum passed away in March after battling ill health for a very long time. She died peacefully in my arms & is now free from her blindness, her disabilities & her suffering.

I guess many people expected me to go off the rails and hit the bottle. I didn’t. I turned back to where I have always found comfort. To God, to nature. I got myself out and about, made lots of little nature video’s for my YouTube Channel, nothing grand as I don’t have the camera equipment yet,  and my physical disabilities prevent me from getting to many places. I made lots of new and lovely friends and apart from the heartache of losing my Mum, she was my true best friend and soulmate, I am doing well and have no desire whatsoever to go back to how things were. I never would. At the worst time in my life I certainly found out the true character’s of some friends. They are no longer friend’s of mine. Too many wasted years. I wish them nothing but happiness but I also wish them to leave me alone.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. We are off out this afternoon to visit a little lake we haven’t been to before. Up in the mountains of North Wales.


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He Never Promised It Would Be Easy



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Having A Soft Heart In A Cruel World

Just spotted this on my friend’s FB page. It’s gorgeous & the Daffodil is the national flower of my homeland Wales IMG_8668.PNG


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If I Showed You My Teardrops



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