Not Doing So Great Britain.

Revolution of some form will come very soon. The disparity cannot be sustained. It’s against nature.

Diseases like Rickets are on the rise. Good decent people queueing at Trussell Trust Food Banks for meagre scraps and handouts. Just enough to last for three days if they are lucky, then they have no idea if they will have access to food at all after that.

Can you imagine the stress of not knowing where the next mouthful is coming from? Already long suffering folks walking 10 miles a day for this free food while our supermarkets are dumping 60,000 tons of unsold food a week!

Great Britain in the year 2013, this new modern millennium and the government is killing the poor and the disabled.


Our proud pensioners deciding whether to heat or eat. What century are we in again?

Good natured, decent people are becoming so angry and the day of uprising is edging ever closer.

I wonder if it will begin with the enormous intended peaceful protest in London on November 5th 2013. Guy Fawkes night?

There is so much for the citizens of our once great country to be angry about.

Angry Britain. Whatever happened to your Big Society Mr Cameron? All in it together you said. Utter bollocks!

Was our country ever a great and proud country? Certainly the people were but I believe the Governments have always been riddled with a very evil element with extremely sinister intent. Don’t read the history books and believe them, read every countries history, read up online, educate yourselves, you have the greatest resource ever right at your fingertips, the Internet, USE IT!

No jobs, no food, forced labour for no pay (the workfare program) ritual humiliation & fraud branded as training. Sounds like a prison camp.

The UK export £12billion of weapons/arms to 27 counties including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, China and Israel

Over 3000 extant licences for military and dual-use goods going to 27 Countries of Human Rights concern from Great Britain! FROM GREAT BRITAIN! Just let that sink in for a minute……

The Church Of England has over £10,000 invested in arms firms.

The judges at Nuremberg: “Individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity.”

Anybody who is wide awake can sense that a revolution is almost here! We’ve been more than patient while we have sat back and watched our country and the good people in it be torn apart at the seams. It is now in tatters as are millions of lives. While thousands of people with disabilities have lost their benefits and died! LEFT FOR DEAD by this evil ConDem coalition. Thousands left homeless by the cruel Spare Room Subsidy IE The Bedroom Tax.

Enough now. It’s time gather and fight back. We are in the middle of the fight for our lives. Literally.

Heads up folks!