Folks, just listen to this Global Elitist Insider talking about killing us! So ice cold, so inhumane, clearly a narcissistic personality. Whatever happened to humanity folk? Remember those things? Kindness, understanding, compassion, empathy, trust and love thy neighbour?

Now we live in a world I don’t recognise any more. I grew up in the 60’s, the 70’s at a time when people put people first, where life appeared good, you could leave your front door open and no one would enter uninvited. Now we have Spy Mosquito Mini Drones entering our homes, hardly visible to the human eye, they can land on your clothing whilst you are outside and you bring them into your home where they can just sit and record every word being spoken, this is in OUR homes, without our permission guys, and incidently before it leaves, this tiny Mosquito drone inserts its needle into your skin and takes your DNA? It takes your DNA without you even knowing!

Secret courts, secret prisons, FEMA camps, set up for crimes we didn’t commit, they want all us working class/low paid/poor and disabled all rounded up like sheep and put in pens (prisons) ((camps) they will then go to their opulant underground cities that I have been going on and on about, and then………………..BOOM! Thats us lot gone while the greedy evil bastards rub their hands in glee and dance on our graves!

Now we live in a dog eat dog society where everyone is out for him/herself and doesn’t care who they trample on to get to what they want.

Anyone remember Prime Minister Churchill and the principles of “Penguin Island”? “Respect for the rich and contempt for the poor” and to modify or repeal the rights of property where they clearly conflict with human rights.

Well not much changes does it Mr Churchill? But then you always knew it wouldn’t Mr Churchill, with your great speeches, well what utter fools were we, the sheeple. Mr Churchill was far from the man who’s character was so admired by the nation. The war was a manafactured money maker and it was and is the good people who suffered, yes nothing changes only the names Mr Churchill, Mr Obama (aka Barry Soweto Indonisian national and Muslim) Mr Ca-MORON and all the rest of you global elitist murdering bastards.

How the hell are the billions of people on this planet letting these evil people get away with this? I’ll tell you how, they are all asleep, sat in front of the box in the corner of your living room believing all the lies of the Mainstream Media! It’s ALL lies folks, it’s ALL lies. Wake UP for God’s sake, it is almost over for us………freedom, liberty……..gone.

How does a tiny seed have ALL the information in it to grow into a complex plant without SOMEONE programming it to do so? Think about it, think about seeds…….all seeds and the Natural World around you! IT IS AWESOME.

Now that is what I call power! Our planet will be here forever and more beautiful than ever once these bastard humans are done killing each other and humans are wiped out just like dinosaurs.

I wish you BEAUTIFUL healing Mother Earth……………I’m so very sorry what we have done to you.

Heads up folks!