Over my dead body will I have the mark of the beast on or in my body. Pretty spot on there God! Revelations. I’m going to go and build a treehouse and live off the land. Am I scared? NO. Should I be scared? Hell YES.

By the way, the Bible was written by over forty men, spanning 1500 years and from different countries written in different languages! Think about that and try and find me another similar example if you can? YOU CAN’T is the answer.

Interesting addition from me, Media Mogul and owner of SKY TV and many newspapers, Rupert Murdoch owns the COPYRIGHT to The New International Version also known as NIV, the most popular Bible today. He is slowly eroding and changing the wording. Who the hell does he think he is? GOD obviously.

Even Atheists are sensing that the end of the world is nigh. Anyone interested in reading the BIBLE now should completely SKIP The Old Testament and Read only The New Testament.

HE was right all along folks, I’ve been reading it since I was a young teenager,  there is no denying that all the Biblical Prophecies HAVE COME TRUE! Wake Up For God’s Sake BUT more importantly for your own sake. I am a huge sinner but I know where I am going when I die. HE didn’t come to save Saints 2000 years ago. Read Meet The Thief Who Went To Heaven.

Heads up folks and whatever your views STAY SAFE X



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