This website that I just stumbled across this morning fills my heart with ICE COLD FEAR!

I urge anybody considering participating in this trial for the three thousand + payment to PLEASE PLEASE consider ALL the consequences of what you may be about to do! You ARE NOT an experiment!

It’s a game of Russian Roulette folks and I was one of the unlucky ones who got THE SHOT and was shot!


I along with MILLIONS of others am vaccine damaged.

In my case and the case of my ex colleagues it was an occupational vaccine that most healthcare staff, teachers, policemen etc have to have.

It was the Hepititis B Vaccine. Mine was called Engerix B and was manafactured by Glaxo Smith Kline.

Incidently next time you drink a bottle of Lucozade, just have a look at the label to see who makes it! I drunk it by the gallon at one time, mistakingly believing it was doing me good. It’s what my Mother used to give me if I was ill as a child.


Whenever you have a vaccine, please request beforehand the package insert as you would receive with any standard prescribed medication, at least reading it will enable to you make an informed choice about the poison you are about to put into your body.

Remember also, vaccines on administration bypass your immune system! Just think about that for one moment. Your immune system is your bodies defence mechanisn for fighting off unwanted visitors, it is your Army and it fights to keep you safe 24 hours a day, everyday throughout your life. It’s like a good strong computer firewall or anti virus. Vaccines by pass the lot like a super sleuth and they arrive in your system without question.

On the package insert for my vaccine it said “May cause Multiple Sclerosis” and a whole host of other  nasty hidden symptoms which I have. Problem being it was 2 years after the vaccine I found this out by accident.

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Please folks don’t do it!

I look healthy but I am far from healthy.

Every single day of my life I feel poorly inside.

I refuse to curl up and hide, I have learned to live along side feeling constantly ill, knowing I am NEVER going to get better.

One last thought. In your lifetime, how many people have you met who died from Flu? I’ve never met any.

Real FLU allegedly puts you flat on your back and bedridden for days, where as a bad cold can make you feel very unwell. Think about it and consider how many people you have encountered with Flu.

Eat well and stay safe.


*****Please read my blog post under the catagory VACCINES to read an interview with an ex vaccine manafacturer who developed a conscience. It is ESSENTIAL reading for anyone considering playing Russian Roulette with your life*****