I absolutely agree with Kev here on this video. No it isn’t the answer, It is far too late. They have their secret, prisons etc all ready to jail us if this happened.

(Sorry folks, my apologies. It looks like Kev TruthTube’s Video has been taken down) Will try & contact him to find out. Sad as his words on the video echoed my thoughts perfectly)

We have Anonymous, The Truther Movement etc all pushing us to be so angry and incensed (I supported both until recently when I figured that it is the NWO I think they want implemented, Russell Brand working for The Illuminati sure does)

Just look at the name of The United Nations itself, what does that say to you? All Nations United = One World Government, Religion, Banking System ETC! See it’s there in plain sight staring us right in the face! WAKE UP!!!!!!

Revolution? No not in my name, it’s playing right into the palm of the elites hands.