Causing a nuisance in Britain could get you 2 years in jail or an unlimited fine if new anti-social laws are pushed through. And it could even apply to children as young as ten, which is really worrying civil liberties groups.

Outside The Box Says Below:

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(I’ve been telling EVERYONE for over a year about Britain’s secret super prisons that have been built & are all empty….just waiting! Think about the consequences of a law enforcement officer deeming that you are a nuisance and throwing you in Jail for no other reason than “they feel like it” No court case, oh no, SECRET COURTS folks, SECRET courts and no legal aid for the poor any longer so you have no right to legal representation. I’ve been screaming about this for a VERY long time. Now IT IS HERE. Very frightening stuff.

Just think about the implications for children and people with mental health problems, this law covers children from the age of 10 years old. Why am I filled with absolute fear that we are about to see even more innocent children disappear off the face of the planet without trace, to add to the already 30,000 missing UK children every year. LET THAT SINK IN A MOMENT…….Yes I did say that the official figure stands at over thirty thousand innocent children, KIDS, disappear from Britain every single year. That is truly staggering in numbers folks. Where are these children? I know and so should you. Switch your television OFF and get on Google and do your research, stop expecting all the answers to be handed to you on a plate, that’s lazy. Do your research well and you will be shocked to the core. You will also thank me one day for igniting your interest.

A good starting point is to Google the words ALTERNATIVE MEDIA and read the blogs) Outside The Box x