Published on Nov 20, 2013
The End of Humanity this is not some conspiracy it is published and true, check it out for yourself, We are humans and we deserve the right to be free, but these evil fools are trying to destroy us, make us soul less robots, at the mercy of the power structure, we need to fight this evil…

This YouTube Channel is dedicated to exposing and teaching to Humanity the New World Order and the tyrants who secretly Govern our world,

Our planet is controlled by an Illuminati Masonic secret society who plan to control all humanity under a one world Government, They believe in ancient laws and are trying to create a lucifarian Satanic society for new age of Aquarius.

All wars have been by design, all economic crashes have been by design. The Music industry is corrupted by these tyrants as is politics, Movies, Religions, Governments. They use technology against us and openly admit that they want a massive population reduction,

The United Nations has outlined in it’s publications “Agenda 21” and “Our common future” that they want us living in sustainable camps i.e FEMA Camps every person will be given a job without choice and once we are no longer able to work we will be seen as an unsustainable drain on resources.

The New World Order is Corrupted and Satanic and needs to be exposed.

I believe Humanity can be free and that once we realize that we are all one species we can stand up to the evil in this world. Alex Jones and many others have been exposing the truth for many years, Some even believe our society is controlled by Demonic entities who have been pulling the strings since ancient times..

So this channel is dedicated to waking up and exposing the evil, such as Bohemian Grove and the Elite Satanic rituals, The Zionist political ideal which has the Kabbalah at the heart of it. We are ind control and even our perception of reality is controlled by these evil minded fools.

We spend our days like slaves working to feed a corrupted system of false control, they feed us distractions and false idols, they sway political views with False Flag Terror attacks and go to war illegally, but they are ow exposing themselves for the scumbags they truly are.