There is no acceptable place in society for racism. I love all my fellow inhabitants of our planet whatever your colour or creed.

When did we become such an intolerant race, why!

No borders, no bounderies, we all share this planet and right now as the globe as we know it is going into meltdown, we all need each other more than ever.

Corporations are taking over the world, it’s them & the banks that rule the world, our governments are merely puppeteers. The Rothschilds now own almost every banking system in the world, apart from Iran, North Korea etc.

If you don’t know what this New World Order is, please Google & research. It isn’t a good thing, it is being implemented right now and our lives are about to change in the most unsettling, disturbing way. There is mass de population on a global level happening right now.

Things will never be the same again therefore we need to take care of each other.