THAT Female British MP! Child Abuse

Please click on the above title to view the interview with Bill Maloney of Pie & Mash Films.

Here our brave Bill Maloney speaks out again! Is he really the only human being in Great Britain prepared to speak out about the horrific sexual abuse, torture and murder of this countries children. Bill has spoken to some of the children who have suffered horrific abuse at the hands of our countries elite.

Most people in the alternative media are aware who the female MP who *allegedly* sexually abused a Down’s syndrome boy, if you didn’t already know who she was, you are about to.

I am so ashamed to be British, ruled by a fake monarchy full of the most disfunctional and truly evil people, the scum of the earth. May God forgive them!

May God also forgive those who knew the extent of the abuse of children in this country and who did nothing!

Enough is enough!well done Bill. Come on Main Stream Media, call yourselves journalists? You know, the alternative media know, bloggers know, AM tweeters know, how about stepping up and doing your job. Forget Leveson, children need protecting, thousands of children need you to speak up regardless of who your employer may be *cough*

until you do, there will not be the massive public outcry and revolt that there should be, come on, just do it.