Scottish referendum . I wish I lived in Scotland so I had the opportunity to escape the Westminster Murderer’s. The state of our society in the UK today and the way this evil elitist government treats it’s vulnerable and poor citizens, including children is now way past barbaric.

So many folks who believe all that the main stream media say are completely unaware that around 15,000 sick and disabled people have now died unnecessarily due to the French ICT company Atos being employed by our government, to run the work capability assessment tests. Seriously ill and dying people losing all their benefits, their homes and their lives. Decent honest people starving to death also. It’s more like 1814 not 2014. Don’t get me started on the bedroom tax for goodness sake! I can feel my blood pressure and heart rate rising just thinking about all the innocent people of all ages being kicked out of their homes simply because they have an extra bedroom or two. Again, thousands have died on the streets of Great Britain, cold, thirsty, hungry and homeless. Children forced to eat out of supermarket rubbish bins. VERY ILL people forced to use food banks, many don’t have food banks in their local vicinity, many are without family and friends, many just starve to death.

Families who’ve lost their benefits, lost their homes all because of government policies. Did you know that the British government now take away more innocent children from loving caring parents and families via secret courts ( many are never seen or heard of again) this is not FICTION, THIS IS FACT.

Were you aware that in the UK today, the government have made it ILLEGAL FOR A CHILD IN THE CARE OF THE STATE TO REPORT ABUSE THEY ARE SUFFERING! That is another true fact folks. WHY?

David Cameron & Co certainly have red hands dripping with the deaths of so many British people on their hands, and they just laugh at us as the disabled are dying in their thousands. De population cleansing of the masses taking place in our cities, towns and villages. Cemeteries filling up as an alarming rate and the general public have no idea as the big news corps refuse to report it.

We are more laid back and sleepy than the Sloths in my local zoo. We are all guilty of letting them get away with it whilst our heads are stuck in screens of all types. WAKE UP! Please. What happened to our once great Dunkirk spirit? My Grandad and Uncles would turn in their graves.

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever if people don’t bother to educate themselves. The internet is the greatest learning resource right at our fingertips. We owe it to future generations, we truly do.

There is a huge difference between acceptance and ignorance.

Ask Google questions, use youTube, use blogs, use SEARCH EVERYWHERE! But use caution, there are disinformation agents literally everywhere. Alex Jones of Info Wars and David Icke for starters. They have millions of fans worldwide and yet they work for the very people they condemn, trying to force a revolution, without faith I have no idea how people who are wide awake to what’s going on in the world cope.

I have been warning about Iran & North Korea for years, the illuminati want control of these last few countries banks and they are about to start ww3 to gain control of the last bit of the worlds banks, when they do, God help us all.

The few elite illuminati bloodline families like The Rothschild’s, they own almost everything folks, they control the world almost and we are about to become doomed because they are going to wipe 85% of the worlds population into oblivion! boom! We are going to be gone.

Please research it and make people aware of what is happening. I’m not scaremongering, that is not my way, I help not harm.

The next 7 years I believe will be hell on earth for the majority of everyday folks.

Heads up, Stay safe x