Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

let go let God Philippians 3:13, jeremiah 29:11Harden your heart . This is a phrase that we all have heard since we were children. I would like to look at how it occurs in each one of us more than we might imagine, and the results of which are damaging to our relationship with God and others.

To harden the heart is to make yourself stop feeling kindness and sympathy, to make yourself apathetic and indifferent to someone or something. Relationships can sometimes take a toll on our emotions causing desensitization of the heart. Our relationship with God can become strained as we sometimes harden our heart unknowingly towards Him. An antonym for the word harden is weaken, and when we harden our heart it weakens our relationship with our Lord.

It happens all the time in the smallest of ways as the enemy tries to infect our psyche with propaganda that we allow to put enmity…

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