Amazing Life

Sometimes we feel so big, so important, so significant , so self obsessed at times, our life and nothing else. I recently went away with my man, we stayed in a little place deep in the countryside. No Internet, no phone signals no streetlights, no traffic. The silence was beautifully deafening. I’d sit out on the decking at night in the pitch black and look up at the night sky ( I regularly do this at home but the sky is not so clear from a town all lit up) Yes we are just tiny specks of dust in the great scheme of the never ending universe. We are just passing through, time seems to go so slow, the ticking seconds of life. Then we get old and look back on our lives and like a blink of the eye it is gone. Where did it go? How did that happen? It’s so important to make the most of every single minute. Make time to do what you like and to be with those you love, before we know it, life comes to and end, all too soon. Su x