Games Without Frontiers.





There will never be peace until the peace lovers take over. Will it ever happen? Who knows. There are a lot more of us than there are them. Only one problem, we have been mind controlled for all our lives, we were all asleep, we thought everything was fine and sadly most are still sleeping and have no idea what is about to take place.

This is the end of the world as we know it that’s for sure.

Whatever happened to mankind. If you are listening mankind, please #WAKEUP and fight back NOW!

800 FEMA camps in USA, drunk tanks and secret prisons in the UK. They are not for drunks, they are for when the revolution comes, they are for when our lights go out, they are for you and I when we have to loot to feed our families, and look who will be everywhere you look…….G4S, they will become your living nightmare. They will be watching your every move. Secret courts already in use.

Even if your life appears comfortable and content today, that IS about to change.

Do yourself a favour, ask lots of questions via search engines. Set yourself a target, pluck a number, say 7 and ask 7 questions EVERY day about what is happening in your world today, because if you don’t you won’t have a world tomorrow. Hell no, ask 70! Ask 700, for God’s sake just ask!

I don’t want to scare, I want to educate even in my own small way, and it will be small, even if it only wakes up one person, who then wakes up another. We need to be WIDE AWAKE folks and that time is NOW.

Have you made your peace with The Lord? He loves you and He longs for you to go speak with him right now. You need no special skills to pray, He knows and it’s all ok. Please if you are not at one with your maker, I urge you to do it today.

God Bless.

Heads up folks!

Su x