5.30am Wales UK.

My favourite part of the day, the sunrise, the stillness, the silence. Sitting on the bench in my garden with a nice cup of tea ( here in Wales, in our native language of Welsh a cup of tea is called ‘A Paned’ Pronounced Pan Ed)

While the world sleeps, all I can hear is the gentle rustling of the trees in the breeze, the amazing birdsong and my cat purring. The same Blackbird, each morning, singing the most beautiful song. The love song of his life, more beautiful than any man made instrument I have ever heard. A gift more precious than any to me. The dawn chorus, a free festival of song.

Thank you Lord for the gift of today, this truly wonderful gift. Please help me be the person I used to be, have always been. Please help me to bite my tongue and not speak my mind if someone upsets me and please Lord, if I fail, please give me the strength to keep trying. I don’t know what’s happening to me but whatever it is, with your grace and mercy I WILL overcome this.

Wishing everyone a really lovely Sunday. God Bless. Su x

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