I had an appointment for another blood test this morning. I Called in at the local supermarket on the way, bought the bits and pieces I’d gone in for and went to their cafe for a coffee.

I sat by the window and watched the world go by for ten minutes.

Everyone rushing.
Rushing where?
Rushing why?

I used to be exactly the same.
Now, and not through choice
I can’t rush.

Multiple sclerosis,
Vaccine Damage,
Heart Attack.

These things stole my life,
Well life as I’d always known it.
My rushed life.

When crossing the road my daughter always says
“Mum, run” when there is a vehicle speeding towards me.
I always look at her with a wry smile, raise my eyebrows and we laugh.

Run, if only.
How I long to run again, or even walk more than a few meters without these painful chains holding me back.

But these afflictions are also blessings in disguise.
It’s nice to go slow.
It’s nice to notice the flowers as you pass them by.
It’s nice to have the time to stop and smell them.
To let my senses appreciate the beauty of them.

The only people I saw since leaving the house this morning that weren’t rushing, were the patients in the waiting room at my local community hospital.

They were forced to be still. Forced to wait their turn.

I wish life wasn’t so fast paced. It is nice sometimes to slow right down, look around you and count your blessings.

Wishing everyone a really lovely weekend.

Respect Time.

Stop and smell the flowers as you go about your day 🌻