For most people this video is just too shocking to comprehend BUT this court action IS HAPPENING. What the outcome will be is any bodies guess.

Just the thought of what these 1000’s or even hundreds of thousands of children have suffered gives me sleepless night and on the nights I do sleep it gives me nightmares, and yet the majority turn a blind eye. Is that fear?

Just hurry up Lord. Come and stop the suffering of these children.

I live in Wales, it is a small country in the UK and yesterday I was driving behind a bus. The poster on the back of the bus was alerting people to Child Trafficking in Wales and asking folk to be extra vigilant.

Did you know that over 30,000 children go missing WITHOUT TRACE in the UK each year! I have no idea of the global figure. We are a small Island and that figure does not include the children who are found safe. That figure is the amount who VANISH! Please just think about that. It is staggering beyond comprehension and the government/elite controlled media will never ever tell the story.

Now the alternative media are starting to be silenced, The closure of The UK Column is just the start folks.

I really do not care what they do to me. I have a conscience which is guided by The Lord and as long as I have breath in my body I will continue to speak out regardless of the consequences.

I don’t know the truth. I’m not judge and jury but ask yourself. If you saw a tiny helpless baby or child dumped in the street without food, drink, clothing, warmth, protection from harm would you walk past that same child daily and do nothing? WOULD YOU?

Would you walk by and watch that child die a slow death and do nothing day by day?

The correct answer is NO YOU WOULD NOT! No decent human being would watch any living thing suffer without doing something to help them, to do anything to stop their suffering.

Well I can’t rescue them, but I’m damn sure I will NOT remain silent.

I am publicly stating that I am so Goddam ashamed of the Christian dogooders who do FUCK ALL to help the suffering of our little children. They turn a blind eye, sssshhhhh we’ll get in trouble if we speak out!

Call yourselves Christians?

Well I see very few TRUE Christians anywhere, I see very few Good Samaritans.

I’m angry. I’m very angry with a lot of so called Christians.

They can lock me up and throw away the key but still I will not be silent. This is another of the reasons I am not online even a quarter of what I was. I have work to do. I feel like I’m a tiny ant trying to climb a sky scraper but as long as I can I’ll keep climbing.

What about you?

A Good Samaritan? or will you turn a blind eye to all the information on this subject that is VASTLY available to each and everyone of us.