Sometimes it is only a shock that will wake people up. I fear so much for the young I really do. I think I’m right in believing that when at the time of the rapture The Lord will automatically take all children to heaven? What truly worries me are all the young people who live their lives through SCREENS, it scares the hell out of me because they are mostly totally unaware. The music industry is rife with evil, the Illuminati controls it all and no one gets to the top these days unless they sell their souls. My daughter is fully aware of what is happening right now but chooses to ignore it regardless. I can vaguely remember what it’s like to be 18, and all we can do is pray. Next time you are on a busy street, just stand a moment and look around, the young even when walking along have their heads I’m the screens of their phones, iPods etc, they are totally oblivious to what is actually happening in the world they live in. The box in your living room is no longer the only thing that can distract from events that are really happening. They ruling elite have us right as they want us, this is the living zombie apocalypse before our very eyes. I apologise to all young people if I appeared to generalise there, that was not my intention.

Outside The Box

Games Without Frontiers.





There will never be peace until the peace lovers take over. Will it ever happen? Who knows. There are a lot more of us than there are them. Only one problem, we have been mind controlled for all our lives, we were all asleep, we thought everything was fine and sadly most are still sleeping and have no idea what is about to take place.

This is the end of the world as we know it that’s for sure.

Whatever happened to mankind. If you are listening mankind, please #WAKEUP and fight back NOW!

800 FEMA camps in USA, drunk tanks and secret prisons in the UK. They are not for drunks, they are for when the revolution comes, they are for when our lights go out, they are for you and I when we have to loot to feed our families, and look who will be…

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