This IS real. People have been laughing at me for years, I really don’t mind and I forgive each and every one of them. I just want people to be ok. Please just be ok. Su x

Outside The Box

Folks, just listen to this Global Elitist Insider talking about killing us! So ice cold, so inhumane, clearly a narcissistic personality. Whatever happened to humanity folk? Remember those things? Kindness, understanding, compassion, empathy, trust and love thy neighbour?

Now we live in a world I don’t recognise any more. I grew up in the 60’s, the 70’s at a time when people put people first, where life appeared good, you could leave your front door open and no one would enter uninvited. Now we have Spy Mosquito Mini Drones entering our homes, hardly visible to the human eye, they can land on your clothing whilst you are outside and you bring them into your home where they can just sit and record every word being spoken, this is in OUR homes, without our permission guys, and incidently before it leaves, this tiny Mosquito drone inserts its needle into your skin…

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