The subject of vaccines is an emotive one, especially when some ******** comments to me to do my research! Stating that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Ye right!

My most popular post since I started this blog is about the dangers of Flu Camp. Yet I have only ever posted that one article on it, because I’m not interested in blog numbers, hits, blogging to me is just therapy basically. I’m not great at it nor do I wish to become anything other than what I am.

It is the only subject I get a lot of abusive comments on, ALL OF WHICH GO STRAIGHT INTO TRASH WITHOUT BEING PUBLISHED.

BUT please forgive me occasionally folks, like today, my instincts, my feelings, my emotions, my actions ALL TELL ME ITS A FULL MOON and no I haven’t checked, I just know because every full moon everything about me changes, literally everything, it doesn’t help if you are on the menopause and have PMT at the same time lol,  so for once I am responding to your bloody childish immature comment that I do not know what I am talking about ELLIE!

Well I’ve lived with vaccine damage for 10 years and my research has taken me to the most shocking FACTS about vaccines that you could imagine. You are TELLING ME THAT I HAVENT DONE MY HOMEWORK HUH ELLIE? By that I take it you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how it feels to be vaccine damaged? No comprehension in the slightest? Mmm, I thought not.

You stupid little **** You don’t know me, you don’t know my story and you most certainly do not read the pack inserts on vaccines. Even the manufacturer of my particular vaccine warns on the pack insert that it may cause Multiple Sclerosis plus a whole host of other disabling illnesses, most of which I have.

So why don’t you go toddle off somewhere and do some research on the subject of VACCINE DAMAGE you f****** stupid *******

Go research all the millions of deaths from having this poison pumped into your body. Go read the thousands of stories from parents who’s beloved children have died. In fact why stop at mere research, why not go a step further and go and meet the families of those who have died.

In fact, I offer you the opportunity to come to my home for afternoon tea, come sit with me and look into my eyes while I tell you every gruesome detail of what a vaccine did to myself and my colleagues.  I can show you all my proof that I have right here that I  AM VACCINE DAMAGED, things that I am not prepared to put on a public forum. So Ellie, will you accept my invitation? I thought not.

Sorry Ellie, just incase you didn’t get the message let me translate it into simple English as you clearly don’t have 2 brain cells in that little head of yours!



(Sorry Lord)

Here you go Ellie, use this link as a starting point. It’s an interview with an ex vaccine manufacturer , he developed a conscience, clearly something that you don’t have or else you would apologise to me.