The most powerful men in the land are nothing more than sewer scum! At long last the truth is getting into the mainstream media and not just being told by us “conspiracy theorists”
Well done Shaun, keep up the good work. Su x

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

Anthony-Gilberthorpe-pictured-in-LondonAnthony Gilberthorpe pictured in London

I have been blogging, doing articles and telling anyone who would listen THIS was happening and would break. This morning, the Printed media are taking the Torie Party and Westminster as a whole to the cleaners. How high does this go? Well one thing I do know, is this is the tip if a HUGE iceberg involving the above, the Vatican and the Royal Family. But who will have the bravery to spill the Royal Family involvement? Not me. Not now

3 HUGE Media hits against the ‘Establishment’ and ‘No for Scotland’ Today. Is there an Agenda? I just did this on two, now a third one. Why would 3 HARD HITS come in one day? This could bring down The Conservative Party and much of Government. I am thinking is this some ploy to keep Scotland thinking ‘All will be well’ If so…

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