Quick update. My Mum is doing ok. I live 18 miles away but due to my health in the last week they moved my Mum yesterday to the cottage hospital in my village which is literally 2 minutes away from my home by car. All I do it part right outside the hospital front door, the lift is literally 5 feet away, go up in the lift and my Mums ward is right there. I was literally not able to manage everything, my daughter has been with me for a week and a half and now God has answered my prayers and I can see my beloved Mum everyday. I’m beyond thankful. When parents get old and need a lot of care and you are very ill yourself it can be so distressing. Heartfelt thanks to those who’s support both physical and emotional has helped more than you will ever know. Whenever I need the support of friends there are those who are always there and those that disappear time and time again. I’m not keen on patterns but they keep appearing. I keep getting knocked down but I will never stay down, that’s for sure. I will however change who I turn to in the future. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. God bless, Su x

Outside The Box

We went to the hospital to visit my Mum at 1pm and this is the state I found my beautiful precious Mum in!





My Mum may be old and frail but she hasn’t lost her mental faculties in the slightest, she is a beautiful, kind, caring and very intelligent old lady and I’m so upset on her 3rd day in hospital my daughter and I arrive on the ward to find her in this state. Black and blue!

I should mention that in in March 2013 she came home from this very hospital (which I will name) after a 3 month stay there. During that time she received a broken shoulder and a broken arm whilst in the care of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, in Bodelwyddan in Denbighshire. Both these injuries were left untreated and it took a hell of a lot of effort on my behalf to get to the…

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