I was just talking to a really close friend of mine. This person really does need a miracle right now. Then I remembered this story.

I remember a little boy staying with his Granny, she had fallen asleep and the toddler had climbed up onto the windowsill, he opened the window and fell out. He fell 15 stories from the apartment in the tower block. At the moment he fell to what should have been his death, an open topped lorry pulled up below the window, on the back of it was a mattress. The toddler landed on the mattress and was unharmed. The lorry driver was so shocked he asked the little boy to show him where he fell from. The little boy took the driver up to his Grannies flat. They entered and the Granny was still fast asleep in the chair. He noticed the window wide open. When he went to wake the Granny he was stunned. He had just seen this old lady in the middle of the road. She was blocking the road he should have turned down to deliver the mattress. The driver had to swerve to miss her and he ended up parked outside the tower block so he could look at his map. I believe in Miracles, I always have done. Su x