Hi Billie
Thanks so much for all this information. Could I ask a favour please? Do you know of anything at all that can help ladies with MS who are on the menopause? You know how heat floors PWMS? Well dear God these hot flushes are flooring me literally, every 15 to 20 minutes now and that is 24/7 every single day. It wakes me at night, can’t remember the last time I had more than an hours sleep. I can cope with all the other symptoms but each hot flush brings nausea, dizziness, and whole body weakness. I try and put on a brave face around others but I’m really suffering badly. I just wondered if you knew of anything natural that may help alleviate it. No prescription drugs. Please don’t worry at all if you don’t know of anything. Thanks Billie, love Su x

Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me


August 2014 has been a great month for people with neurological illnesses, as they finally saw their type of illness broadcast, and indeed, doused by ALS ice bucket challenges.

To quickly place ALS amongst other neurological illnesses, perhaps the most famous person with ALS is Stephen Hawking, a person hero of mine since my teenage years. ALS, also called MND (Motor Neurone Disease and Lou Gehrig’s Disease), is similar to multiple sclerosis, and has several causes. A lot of money has gone to charitable organisations supporting ALS as well as other neurological illnesses.

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