The art is by myself, the words are from a young Scottish singer/songwriter called David Sneddon. I wanted to include the song in this post but wordpress and all it’s issues lately won’t let me upload youtube videos at the moment. A very talented young guy who only ever wanted to play the piano and sing his songs. When he was given the opportunity to do just that, he realised he didn’t want the fame and fortune that went with it. So he gave up his dream and retreated back into his shell.

This picture I’ve called Wasted, it reminds me of LOVE. Sometimes, it’s just wasted. Sometimes we retreat back into our shells. We shut doors on new opportunities because we struggle to leave the past behind and move on. Wasted. Simply wasted. The door represents age, years passed by…….and the waste of those years. (This post is NOT referring to the old narcissist) Su x