I don’t want to see my beloved country Great Britain broken up, but I support the YES CAMPAIGN for Scotland to no longer be part of The United Kingdom. Great Britain was once a great nation, not any more. I’m mostly ashamed to be British. I’m ashamed of most of our politicians, I’m ashamed of our Royal family and their filthy hidden alleged secrets regarding Child Abuse. I’m ashamed of my friends on Facebook who turn a blind eye to the suffering children of this world at the hands of the elite. This world is riddled with evil & corruption and who can blame Scotland for wanting to break free from the evil clutches of Westminster . I for one don’t blame them, and I hope it happens on Thursday when this historic vote happens. I hope the Scottish people vote a huge resounding YES. Then I hope Wales and Northern Ireland follow suit. David Cameron, you lie, the UK is not a great nation, it is a shamed nation. Shamed to be associated with your cruel evil regime. You lie when you say we are “Better Together” No, we are not better together. Your Government has taken the lives of over 16,000 disabled, sick and poor people, they are dead. Your government murders it’s most vulnerable so why on earth would any sane person vote to stay under your murderous control. I pray the PEOPLE take back their POWER. Good luck Scotland The Brave.