I guess as we get older in years, some of us stop to reflect on that thing called time. We don’t count the seconds on the hands of the clock of life when we are younger, and quite rightly so. As the years pass by and add up we sometimes stop and look in the rear view mirror and ponder where time went and if we spent that precious commodity wisely. Most probably as young people we didn’t but hopefully many happy memories made it worth not noticing that life passes us by in the fast lane.


It’s idealistic to want everything to be perfect and to write and dream about ideals but in reality, for the majority of us it isn’t so. We all need to take ownership of both good and bad. Life truly is a gift and I’m thankful for yesterday, for today and for tomorrow, God willing.

I, like all people, whether you have a disability or not find myself slowing down. Many may perceive this as a burden. I don’t. I see it as a gift. A precious gift that allows me time to look around. An opportunity to evaluate all that has been, all that is and to look forward to all that may be to come.

A kind of stocktake.

Many of you stopped by here on my well documented journey of my struggles with the narcissist. If I can help any of you I will with pleasure because I know that painful road too well. I would never turn one of you away. However, this blog is no longer about that. It is about new beginnings and I am buzzing with hope because not only did I free myself from those strong chains that bound me, I found the old me again. I used to love that damn woman and here I am, stronger than ever. I survived, with my dignity and pride as a strong woman in tact. Hell so I did. I picked myself up and I’m becoming the middle aged woman that is making my beautiful Mother up there in heaven say to the person next to her…….Wow, look at her go! That is my girl. I love you Mum. You taught me well.

So Slow down folks. Life is not a race. Notice the beautiful wind, even though it is invisible, you know it is there. Thanks to Michael Tiernan for the song. The lyrics are so fitting and thanks so much to my friends, you came to me wrapped in precious gold and I shall treasure you. Su x