A brilliant explanation, explaining one of my favourite smells. If you see me with my nose in the air and my eyes closed, I’m not trying to look like a snob, I’m merely enjoying that most beautiful aroma x

Scuffed Boots

The smell of the rain Why does the rain smell so good?

A few weeks back I went walking in the Sooke Hills on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It hadn’t rained for a number of days, but midway through the hike I began to feel raindrops tinkering on my sunhat. The smell was magnificent – earthy, organic and raw – but I didn’t know what was causing it.

Keen to determine the answer, I raced back home, slipped on some cosy clothes, made a hot chocolate and got to researching. The exquisite scent, it seemed had a similarly handsome name: petrichor.

Petrichor’s recipe

  • Plant oils – secreted by plants, these oils are released buoyantly into the air during a downpour
  • Bacteria chemicals – created by those hard-working bacteria in the planet’s precious soil systems, these chemicals are freed into the atmosphere as the first few raindrops hit the ground

Other aromas that inspire me to strap…

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