‘Goodbye August’ A post from my new additional Blog Site S & S Photography North Wales. I’m still very much a learner but I thought I would create a new blog site for mine & my daughters photos. Su x

S & S Photography North Wales

Goodbye August Goodbye August

I don’t know who these flowers were for. My daughter and I spotted them at the top of a very dangerous country lane high above the North Wales Coast. A life lost. I don’t know your name or your age but this little flower bouquet touched me.

Someone, somewhere has a broken heart. Someone, somewhere misses you. Grief is a painful journey and the days of hurting and heartache go on and on. Tears fall, wrinkles spread, we age as the days go by. I lost my beloved Mum this year, she was the most beautiful person I have ever known. The kindest and strongest lady I have ever known., an amazing humanitarian . My heart aches but life must go on. Our days are numbered and short and I want to waste not a single one of them. Life is a precious gift. You can suffocate yourself…

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