I’ve got a lot to learn about photography but I’m really enjoying learning. I’ve had to disable the LIKES as my past keeps adding himself to my present, despite a very polite request in a previous blog post asking to be left alone. I have no desire whatsoever to look back and without being rude, I can’t stand the man after what he did to me at the time of my lovely Mum’s death and I wish he would disappear of MY BLOGS.

During the worst of times, my ex friend ran away like a baby, year after year after year and after what he did to me on the day my beautiful Mother died in my arms just beggars belief and was the final straw. If there was a block button on here he would have been gone gone gone. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I do not want to see his face on MY BLOGS. It’s like being stalked. God I have fought hard to overcome so much and I am NOT EVER looking back. Why the hell would I want to. I’m a strong middle aged woman and for the first time in 10 years my life is calm, peaceful, simple and beautiful. I hope that was put politely enough. Please unfollow my blog!

Feather SunsetIMG_7653Betwskinmel bay bokehRobinPoppyFinchPeaceful Pond In The North Wales Hills

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos I have taken since I started this new hobby. As and when I’m well enough to go out, I try and make little nature videos for my You Tube Channel but I’m so enjoying getting into photography. One of my friends is going to get me Photoshop and teach me how to use it bit by bit as I believe it can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. I use a whole host of apps for my artwork and also for turning photos into art and I have done this for years, so I’m really looking forward to learning a whole load of new things.

“When you hit rock bottom, sit there a while and cry by all means, but look up, get up and appreciate what you have. Count your blessings and get yourself out there and make your life beautiful”

I’m never without great pain but I sure as hell ain’t going to sit here saying Oh poor me. The clock of life is ticking down. Life is so beautiful. It’s no one’s responsibility other than your own to make you happy. I have Multiple Sclerosis and a host of other health problems but I also made a choice after I lost my Mum. Hit the bottle or go back to my beautiful old simple life I left behind 10 years ago and build on my strengths, and that is just what I did. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, it could be good or it could be awful……So enjoy today, it may be your last. Su x

Actually, why the hell should I disable the Like Button just because he won’t do the decent thing and leave me alone on here and wants to play childish mind games. I AM NOT INTERESTED.