I had been practising taking photos in the sand dunes with the sun going down and on the North Wales Cycle Path which runs along by the beach. I had been trying to photograph some Green Finches which seem to live around the back of Asda car park but with no success this time. I just had enough battery left in the camera to film this after the sun had gone down over by The Great Orme in Llandudno. It was a lovely calm evening on the North Wales coast UK. Monday 7th Sept and this was high tide. There is a steep bank of shingle preventing the sea coming much higher during normal weather. High tide was 6.1 meters.

The next adjoining town along the coast to the west is Towyn and on February 26th 1990 the coast was hit by terrible storms. The sea breached the sea wall and just kept coming inland, flooding the whole area as far as 5 miles inland. Below is a link to a You Tube video featuring a TV programme called “The Day The Tide Came In” 2 very different and contrasting scenes of the same sea. This sea is called The Irish Sea even though it is in Wales, not Ireland.

Many thanks for watching. Su x