Here are just a few of my favourite photographs that we took in September 2015. It’s been an amazing month. Re Blogged from our photography blog.

S & S Photography North Wales

Juvenille Swan Juvenille Swan

Some of the photographs we took in September 2015. Mostly taken in North Wales UK. The Tiger photos were taken in The Welsh Mountain Zoo.

The weather has been beautiful this September with only a few very wet days. I love this time of year when the smells, colours and temperatures are all changing. We have taken over 2000 photos this month and my favourites are of the Heron.

We still can’t get close enough to the Cormorants to get any decent photos. Little S took some on the river in Chester and one in particular would have been amazing, a Cormorant came up from a dive with a huge Eel type thing in its mouth but we were just too far away, even on full zoom. Never mind we were still able to get lots of lovely photos in September. We hope you enjoy them. Hopefully we…

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