This is the old abandoned cemetery in Halkyn, North Wales. It is hidden away & you could drive past & not even know it was there.

It lies high above the estuary which separates Wales from England. Across the estuary lies Liverpool and it’s docks/dockyards. Today many of them stand empty, many have been converted into apartments and a few are now hotels like famous Albert Dock.

The cemetery is haunted by a Pirate and his dog. The Pirate hanged himself here and his faithful hound stayed with his dead master. I am definitely not into anything paranormal but after seeing this old place on many videos and the effect it has on people and their paranormal investigative equipment I wanted to see the place and experience it for myself. I also wanted to see if I could pick up any ‘good vibes’. I didn’t.

This was my first visit there in the spring 2015 after my friend filmed there and he was visibally shaken by the experience. He is a paranormal sensitive and felt the place had bad and evil vibes.

On my second visit I lost around 50% of my hearing in one ear.

i can fully understand why this old graveyard was abandoned.

If I could find someone to come with me I would quite like to return and take some photographs of the graves for my photography blog, but nobody wants to go there. You would have to visit the place to get a sense of just how dark the place is, and I don’t mean because of a lack of light. On my second video it clearly picks up a dog barking which we did not hear until we played the video back.