2015 Update: This blog is mostly now about my photography & art.


I have been researching everything and anything that the MSM (Main Stream Media) don’t report on or lie about for years now.

The news in our media is so controlled by the few in power that control everything we are fed. Lies. I never believe a word they say as there IS always “A Hidden Agenda” I always look THROUGH ANOTHER’S EYES and QUESTION EVERYTHING!

What is taking place in the world right now regarding The Illuminati,  New Word Order, De-population on a huge scale, our privacy being eroded like never before,  Fema Camps in the US, Secret Super Prisons and secret courts in the UK, the murder of 1000’s sick and disabled people, ATOS, hunger, food banks and homelessness, feral children on the streets, child abuse and paedophilia at an all time high, especially regarding The Elite, The Establishment etc Over 30,000 UK children disappear each year! and those figures are just the children who never return, disappear without trace!……..I have a thirst for the truth and a desire to learn all I can, I sometimes think my head will explode with it all……..it is then that I like to just chill out and watch and make nature videos on YouTube.

I haven’t blogged here for some time now. I lost my beautiful Mum in March 2015, my true best friend, my true soulmate. I miss her dreadfully but I’m doing ok. I want her to be proud of me so falling apart is not an option. Being strong is. God bless x

Heads up always folks, keep watching the skies x