Outside The Box

Look everywhere except the mind control box in your living room!



"The silent treatment is a brutal form of abuse—one that pins you against your own mind. You declare war on your intuition and everything that you know to be true"

A Beautiful Sunset

After spending a wonderful day with my lovely daughter filming Grey Wagtails, we called at a local lake on the way home. You capture some pretty amazing sunsets in this wonderful special place in the North Wales hills in the UK. This sunset overlooks the lake and the ocean in the distance. Just one of those precious moments in life that take your breath away! It’s great to be alive & out there with my cameras no matter how difficult life is when you live with multiple disabilities. Moments like this make it worth all the effort.

Oystercatcher’s On The Mussel Beds

I absolutely love to sit and watch the wading birds on the coast. The sound of the waves and the birds haunting calls is just so beautiful. I’m so far behind with uploading so many videos and photographs, each video seems to take so long to upload to You Tube. I think over Christmas I will just upload all my recent videos taken on the coasts and estuaries and merge them into one long video, if I can get the editing right;)

It seems a shame for me not to share them with others who may enjoy them too.

In the meantime I wish everyone a lovely Christmas and a peaceful and healthy new year.

Three of my child’s friends will not be here to celebrate Christmas this year, they all died instantly in a car crash in November.  Hug your loved ones and cherish all those you love. Life can be wiped out in the blink of an eye. We take tomorrow for granted, but tomorrow may not come. Live for today, it’s a beautiful gift that we all often take for granted.

God bless X

One Of My Little Videos Is Going To Be On Channel 4

Waiting For The Sunset By The Irish Sea In Wales

So peaceful & calm.

A really moody silver sunset sky.

“Water, like time, has the power to cleanse & heal”  I don’t know who wrote that quote but I certainly believe it. Just being close by water and just relaxing has a great effect on my pain levels and it’s a much nicer way of managing pain than popping pills for sure.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend x

The Day The Mist Came In

It was a beautiful day at the West Shore in Llandudno, North Wales, UK. It was November 1st. We had spent the day in T shirts it was so unusually warm for the time of year. We’d normally be in woolly jumpers, big coats, gloves & scarves.

In the afternoon we decided to head for West Shore & thought we would go out for a meal later on. Around T Time we headed back to film the sunset. West Shore has some of the best sunsets in Wales. It was not to be. A thick mist descended and eventually covered most of North Wales. Needless to say there was no sunset.

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