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I try and ESCAPE the prison of civilisation whenever I can and spend time alone with God & Mother Nature. It’s beautiful. If re fuels me and feeds me to go another day in The Matrix. I really believe The Hunger Games are not far from the actual reality of what is going to occur. Su x

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I Sat With Mother Nature And Wept

Colourful Bird Houses

I love spending time with her. Apart from being with my loved ones, it is my favourite place to be. I sat, in her presence and just wept. My heart broke, not for myself but for her. She knows her planet as it is at present is going to end. She knows man/woman/human is slowly murdering her and time is running out. I don’t know if any of you have been on YouTube and watched/listened to her (the earth) crying, groaning in pain. It’s all there and has been for over a year or more. People from all corners of the planet uploading videos of these strange noises. The Biblical Trumpets. We have been warned for 2000 years but chose to ignore His teachings while the human race, myself included I suppose, sank to the depths of depravity and beyond. These noises are alarming if you are a person who loves The Lord. For these people would have read His Word and believed in His Word as I always have. They are the start of tribulation. Labour pains. 7 years of agony like a long soul destroying painful prelude to childbirth. Anyone with an ounce of compassion couldnt fail to be moved by such long standing suffering of another.

I moved on from the forest and parked by an open tree lined field. Firstly I noticed the sky as I sat for half an hour observing the man made Chemtrail’s that filled the sky. I also observed that not one bird was in sight the whole time. It was a place usually filled with the tweets and happy chitter chatter of birds. Blackbirds, Starlings, Sparrows, Goldfinches, Blue Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Magpies, Seagulls, other little gulls whose name I don’t know, Crows, Blackbirds, The odd Jay, Woodpeckers, the odd Thrush…….not today among the hedgerow’s or trees. Nothing but silence. I was shocked and upset and I just cried for Mother Nature. I know how it feels to be in severe pain 24/7 so how she must be feeling I can’t even begin to imagine. She has provided food for life on earth for billions of years, never failing to feed even one single little sparrow. There are major earthquake’s happening at an alarming rate daily. You can download a live earthquake app to your iDevice etc. Almost every Biblical Prophecy is coming true. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Even educated Atheists now even admit that they are alarmed at the way things are playing out and the crucial timings and events. Those that are awake at least.

Please go to youTube and type in STRANGE EVENTS 2014, Signs of End Times etc or anything similar like Sinkholes, thousands of animals dropping dead and be prepared to be shocked. Or, you can go to the coast and stick your head in the sand. Go to the heading on my home page that says END TIMES and watch.

I spend endless hours researching what is happening right across the globe, stuff they won’t tell you in the mainstream media.

Mother Nature will heal, regenerate and renew once the human race has left her in peace. She will still be here long after we have gone from this suffering planet.

I long for the rapture. I don’t think it will be more far away. No one knows when apart from The Father. Not even Jesus knows.

The forthcoming Anti Christ is going to fool most of the world, that he is someone he is not and the world will watch in awe. Even some Christian’s who are unaware of what is taking place will be charmed and impressed. God help those that do. Please.

End times folks, almost everyone now believes that we are in the middle of them. I so want people to be saved but what right do I have to even say that? it’s hated in the world as Christians are fast becoming the most persecuted and hated religion on the planet. Well go ahead and hate me. Not one person or consequence will ever make me stop loving my God, or Mother Nature.

God bless, heads up. Su x

Winter is approaching here in the UK. If you care about wildlife it could sure do with an extra helping hand this year. I have fed the birds for years. It doesn’t have to be costly. There are tons of ideas on the internet that cost virtually nothing to recycle things that can be used as bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses and they are great fun to make. If you have pets and groom them, just throw the excess fur in the garden and the birds will put it to good use to line their nests helping them to stay cosy. There are also lots of recipes for homemade food. It’s best to follow a recipe. Bread really isn’t of any nutritional value. If you have a Poundshop near where you live most of these sell bags of seeds and nuts that can be used in homemade recipes. You can also buy in bulk from online shops. Depending on how many feeders you have, 2 or 3 large bags can last you the whole winter.

We all need a little helping hand at times and our little feathered friends will be truly thankful especially when the ground is hard, frozen, flooded etc.<p>

Our Disappearing Bees

Our Little Feathered Friends

Made From Old Milk Jug

Serve Them A Little Feast When Food Is Scarce

A Home For The Insects

Monsanto = Death Of All Things Nature

Bird houses (great ideas on Pinterest)

They Are Killing Us Folks – Depopulation Of The Planet NOW. Watch This.

Forced Adoption Scandal That Shames Britain

If you thought for one minute that Britain is really as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Beneath the pomp and pageantry lies a network of paedophilic depravity, so vile and despicable, it literally beggars belief.

From the Elm Guest House scandal to North Wales care home abuse via Dolphin Square; to sickening Warwick Spinks and the Amsterdam connection; from Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne to Kincora in Northern Ireland; from the vile BBC to complicit police and government authorities; from MP’s through to the Royal Family themselves; the whole filthy lot of them are in on it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, we then have another layer of filth and injustice, via the secret court system and lying social workers who are deliberately snatching children from loving families to be fostered and adopted by total strangers.

Are the two scandals linked?

Most certainly, yes.

You see, according to the Forced Adoption website, a staggering 25,000 children are taken from UK parents every year in a shocking child-snatch scandal not seen since Pharaoh in biblical times:

” Every year thousands of parents who have committed no crimes are ruthlessly punished when they have their children removed for long term fostering or forced adoption by strangers.

Are there any other cases in our British legal system where ordinary law abiding people are punished without having committed any crime? We don’t know of any !

Parents who have committed no crimes are forbidden by judges in secret family courts to contact their own children. One mother was then jailed for 3 years for speaking to her daughter, and a father jailed for a month for waving at his children in the street”.

The article continues:

” Those who feel they have been unfairly treated by a family court should be free to protest to the media using their own names.

Babies are taken at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” and their mothers are threatened with jail for breach of the privacy of their children if they protest in public .

Children in care have laptops and mobiles confiscated to isolate them from family and friends

When parents are allowed visits, talks are censored and no discussion allowed about the case, going home, or any abuse by fosterers/social workers otherwise contact stops at once. “

” The sad fact is that social workers snatch babies at birth for “forced adoption” by strangers. They say they do this to “protect” them from the “risk of emotional abuse” from hundreds of mothers who have not committed any crime !

Worse still, those mothers are forbidden to go to the media to protest and threatened with jail if they do ! All subsequent court proceedings leading to “forced adoption” are secret with jail for any family members publicizing, names of parents or children, court documents, or what was said in court.”

Many of these children end up in abusive foster and adoptive homes or anonymous private care homes where anything could happen to them and no-one would ever know.

In fact, many thousands of children go missing from the care system every year but for some unknown reason the authorities refuse to keep proper records so the true figure cannot be verified.

How many of these children never return?

Children like Jason Swift from Islington, Salma El Sharkawy from Camden and the Musa family from Hackney are just some of the cases where snatched children’s lives were destroyed by Britain’s despicable Social Services.

It’s about time the whole filthy network was exposed once and for all and the despicable colluding social workers, judges and lawyers were tried and jailed for crimes against these families.

The day is coming when justice will finally descend on this septic isle of ours and when that happens they may well live to regret their part in this most evil and heinous of injustices.

That day may be coming sooner than you think.



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