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A Beautiful Sunset

After spending a wonderful day with my lovely daughter filming Grey Wagtails, we called at a local lake on the way home. You capture some pretty amazing sunsets in this wonderful special place in the North Wales hills in the UK. This sunset overlooks the lake and the ocean in the distance. Just one of those precious moments in life that take your breath away! It’s great to be alive & out there with my cameras no matter how difficult life is when you live with multiple disabilities. Moments like this make it worth all the effort.

Oystercatcher’s On The Mussel Beds

I absolutely love to sit and watch the wading birds on the coast. The sound of the waves and the birds haunting calls is just so beautiful. I’m so far behind with uploading so many videos and photographs, each video seems to take so long to upload to You Tube. I think over Christmas I will just upload all my recent videos taken on the coasts and estuaries and merge them into one long video, if I can get the editing right;)

It seems a shame for me not to share them with others who may enjoy them too.

In the meantime I wish everyone a lovely Christmas and a peaceful and healthy new year.

Three of my child’s friends will not be here to celebrate Christmas this year, they all died instantly in a car crash in November.  Hug your loved ones and cherish all those you love. Life can be wiped out in the blink of an eye. We take tomorrow for granted, but tomorrow may not come. Live for today, it’s a beautiful gift that we all often take for granted.

God bless X

One Of My Little Videos Is Going To Be On Channel 4

Hello November 

What an absolutely beautiful day. November 1st 2015. Here in Wales UK we have been out in our T Shirts all morning, no breeze at all, not a whisper. Beautiful sunshine and down by the lake even the dragonflies are flying about. We saw a couple of wasps or bees buzzing around too.  Very odd weather considering Christmas is only 7 weeks away. I’m not complaining one bit. As someone who has Multiple Sclerosis I can’t tolerate the heat without feeling ill so to be able to get out and about in this beautiful warm weather at this time of year is such a bonus, one I’m so thankful for too. Always grateful for small mercies.


An Ancient Living Yew Tree With A Difference

I had the great privilege to be in the company of an ancient living Yew tree. It is reputed to be around 700 years old at least. As I stood next to it in complete awe, I thought of the significance of touching something alive that was so old & it brought tears to my eyes. It was certainly a WOW moment. I mean this tree had survived and continues to thrive, how amazing.

Even more amazing is it is believed that John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church had preached from this tree! As a young girl I attended Sunday School at a Methodist church. You see this tree is unique as it has a pulpit built into it.

What a truly special tree it is & no doubt I will visit it often now that I have found it. It is in the tiny village of Nanyglyn in Denbighshire, North Wales, UK. Just by the church there is a bridge with a beautiful river & a bench where I sat for ages & listened to the birdsong.

Here is the little video I filmed of the Ancient Yew Tree with a pulpit built into it.

The Story of Lokai
Have you ever experienced a moment that shakes you to your core?


We all enter moments when we’re suddenly very aware that our lives can take a turn in an instant. That right behind challenges lie times of great happiness – and vice versa.
For Steven Izen, that moment was during his freshman year at Cornell University. His grandfather, “Papa” was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was the first time he felt helpless, knowing he would have to sit back and watch his Papa’s mental faculties and body slowly deteriorate.
Days after he received the heartbreaking news, Steven found himself on the beach with his family and friends. He wondered – how could some parts of his life feel so aligned, while others were so broken?
It was this realization that was the driving force behind lokai, a bracelet that encourages one to be humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows. Drawn to the earth itself and its natural sensibility of highs and lows, Steven set out to give this sense of balance a physical form. Nearly three years later, after countless hours of research and development, lokai was born. image

The bracelet is infused with elements sourced from the highest and lowest points on earth. The white ball, carrying water from Mt. Everest, and the black ball, holding mud from the Dead Sea, exist on opposite ends. A string of clear beads link the two, signifying that throughout life’s circular journey, your path is your own. As Steven puts it, “life is about the journey, not the destination.”
Life is marked by highs and lows. Without one, we could not appreciate the other. The lokai bracelet is a constant reminder that no matter how far the scale tips in one direction, you should always strive for balance.

Wear lokai to remember that life sees many altering moments – it’s how you process them that matters most. Wear it as a reminder that your path is yours alone or give lokai to someone who might do well to remember the value of his or her own personal journey.
No matter the setback, success or surprise, enjoy your story. Wherever your journey takes you, find your balance.



Some Of My Photographs And A Polite Request

I’ve got a lot to learn about photography but I’m really enjoying learning. I’ve had to disable the LIKES as my past keeps adding himself to my present, despite a very polite request in a previous blog post asking to be left alone. I have no desire whatsoever to look back and without being rude, I can’t stand the man after what he did to me at the time of my lovely Mum’s death and I wish he would disappear of MY BLOGS.

During the worst of times, my ex friend ran away like a baby, year after year after year and after what he did to me on the day my beautiful Mother died in my arms just beggars belief and was the final straw. If there was a block button on here he would have been gone gone gone. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I do not want to see his face on MY BLOGS. It’s like being stalked. God I have fought hard to overcome so much and I am NOT EVER looking back. Why the hell would I want to. I’m a strong middle aged woman and for the first time in 10 years my life is calm, peaceful, simple and beautiful. I hope that was put politely enough. Please unfollow my blog!

Feather SunsetIMG_7653Betwskinmel bay bokehRobinPoppyFinchPeaceful Pond In The North Wales Hills

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos I have taken since I started this new hobby. As and when I’m well enough to go out, I try and make little nature videos for my You Tube Channel but I’m so enjoying getting into photography. One of my friends is going to get me Photoshop and teach me how to use it bit by bit as I believe it can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. I use a whole host of apps for my artwork and also for turning photos into art and I have done this for years, so I’m really looking forward to learning a whole load of new things.

“When you hit rock bottom, sit there a while and cry by all means, but look up, get up and appreciate what you have. Count your blessings and get yourself out there and make your life beautiful”

I’m never without great pain but I sure as hell ain’t going to sit here saying Oh poor me. The clock of life is ticking down. Life is so beautiful. It’s no one’s responsibility other than your own to make you happy. I have Multiple Sclerosis and a host of other health problems but I also made a choice after I lost my Mum. Hit the bottle or go back to my beautiful old simple life I left behind 10 years ago and build on my strengths, and that is just what I did. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, it could be good or it could be awful……So enjoy today, it may be your last. Su x

Actually, why the hell should I disable the Like Button just because he won’t do the decent thing and leave me alone on here and wants to play childish mind games. I AM NOT INTERESTED.

Reunited With My Simple Life

After almost 10 years I am so enjoying being reunited with my simple life. It was a life I used to enjoy so much, through choice. As a survivor of CSA and later in life I survived a narcissist. I had always found peace, solace and happiness in the simple things in life. Nature, wildlife, wide open spaces, the freedom of the great outdoors. Then I got distracted by a narcissist but the least said about that the better because he is HISTORY. Nature healed me back then and it’s healed me now too. Ok I have MS and other disabilities but I can still drive and I am so blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by nature and wildlife. I’ve been making lots of nature videos for my little YouTube channel but along the way I have discovered a love of photography too. Today we have set up a new blog to share our photographs. If you like nature too we would be so grateful for any likes and follows.

I’m still mourning the death of my beautiful Mum but she would be so happy of the route I have chosen to go down. It was my parents love of nature that I grew up with that I am so thankful for. Mother Nature is truly beautiful and I love her. No matter how hard things can be you should never give up fighting for you. Battle on and never look back. You are important and at the end of the day only you are responsible for your own happiness, no one else is. We are all walking along the road of life and the second hand on the clock keeps ticking down. Tick, tick, tick. I don’t intend wasting one single second of this beautiful life on the wrong thing ever again. I’m too old, too strong and I have fought too hard for too long and I am way too wise to follow a road sign that points to HELL ever again.

My Simple Life ~ Reunited
My Simple Life ~ Reunited

The Geese Goose Pond

About To Become So Beautiful ~ The Cygnets

Such grace and peace. No words are needed other than it is such a pleasure to watch any new life growing and transforming into something so beautiful. Thank you very much for watching, I hope you enjoy it. Su x