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RIPTIDE ~ RIP Robin Williams ~ Tribute

I think being called the word “GENIUS” isn’t a compliment, I think it’s a BURDEN. Society places such expectations on you if you have been called a genius, and they don’t allow time for the genius to rest and be at peace. The expectations of you are over now Robin” Su x


It hits like a wave
breaking inside my mind.
My head is rattled,
thrashing against the tide
of continuous thoughts
that sting like jellyfish.
Below the surface
it’s hard to breathe,
and the salt water
burns my eyes
but I can’t close them
in this ocean of memories
that push and pull
my emotions.
And there is nothing harder
than swimming against
this riptide of self
because I am so, so tired.
Every muscle in my body
screams, “How much easier
it would be to stop fighting
and just slip below
the foaming, crashing waves.”







Robin Williams

1951 – 2014

He wasn’t just an actor and comedian, he was a man who did his very best, why can’t that be enough in today’s society~Su x



Chester See ~ You’re Not The One (Cos You’ve Grown Tired Of Me)

All You Ever Wanted ~ Casting Crowns

Just Another Birthday ~ Casting Crowns

This is dedicated to a beautiful young lady who I’ve known since she was born. A fellow blogger with a heart of gold who deserves so much better. I love you sweetheart. Be brave. Su x

Love Always Protects 1 Corinthians 13:7

The NIV rendering of 1 Corinthians 13:7 is…..

Love…….always protects.

One of the most valuable things we possess is our reputation. We would never dream of destroying our enemy’s car or house, yet by defending our own reputation we destroy his. When sympathetic friends hear ‘our side of the story’ the only way we can put ourselves in good light is by putting him in a correspondingly bad light. By pointing out to others all his sins and failings, we alter the way we think of him in the future.

If we make his shortcomings the topic of conversation over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or make him the butt of a witty little joke, we are demolishing him publicly.

If we ‘produce’ him as a prayer topic, and sadly shake our heads over his lack of spirituality, we are not protecting him, and so we are not loving him.

Of course we can safely talk about him to Jesus himself, but we must be careful how we talk to other people.

Source: Jennifer Rees Larcombe ~ Turning Point

I’m constantly battling inner conversations in my mind regarding my ex old man, the narcissist. TODAY all I can do is pray for him. I won last night’s battle of temptation and I didn’t contact him at all, emotions took over and The Lord blessed me with a whole nights sleep, something I haven’t had in a long time.

I’m finding this book I’m reading such an inspiration, it’s called Turning Point,Is their hope for broken lives?

When life is shattered by tragedy or disappointment, HOPE seems lost forever. Is new life possible?

With God’s help, says Jennifer Reece Larcombe, nothing is beyond hope. There is a turning point for everyone, even in the most devastating of circumstances. The key, Jennifer has discovered, is forgiveness. When we all ow the love of God to penetrate the centre of our pain, He begins to make us willing to allow Him to forgive through us. When we are willing to hand Him all the broken pieces, He can begin to rebuild us.

Jennifer suffers a longstanding crippling illness before God miraculously restored her health.

I’m going to stop this merry go round of emotion torture that I put myself through daily in my quest to forgive my ex.

I forgive him but I simply cannot go back because as narcissists do, he will destroy me all over again. I’m just gonna pick up all the pieces and hand them to The Father and take a break, I need to give myself a break. What I really want is a hug, I just want a hug.

Wishing everybody a lovely Tuesday.

Heads Up!

God bless
Su x

Just an afterthought, everything can be restored and mended. This photo below, if you look inside the frame it is truly battered. It belongs to my Mum, she is 83 now and had carried that photograph of The Lord with her always, to remind herself that He was with her, always, since she was 4 years old in 1935 digitally restored it and hopefully others can enjoy it too.
Su x




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