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Some Of My Photographs And A Polite Request

I’ve got a lot to learn about photography but I’m really enjoying learning. I’ve had to disable the LIKES as my past keeps adding himself to my present, despite a very polite request in a previous blog post asking to be left alone. I have no desire whatsoever to look back and without being rude, I can’t stand the man after what he did to me at the time of my lovely Mum’s death and I wish he would disappear of MY BLOGS.

During the worst of times, my ex friend ran away like a baby, year after year after year and after what he did to me on the day my beautiful Mother died in my arms just beggars belief and was the final straw. If there was a block button on here he would have been gone gone gone. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I do not want to see his face on MY BLOGS. It’s like being stalked. God I have fought hard to overcome so much and I am NOT EVER looking back. Why the hell would I want to. I’m a strong middle aged woman and for the first time in 10 years my life is calm, peaceful, simple and beautiful. I hope that was put politely enough. Please unfollow my blog!

Feather SunsetIMG_7653Betwskinmel bay bokehRobinPoppyFinchPeaceful Pond In The North Wales Hills

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos I have taken since I started this new hobby. As and when I’m well enough to go out, I try and make little nature videos for my You Tube Channel but I’m so enjoying getting into photography. One of my friends is going to get me Photoshop and teach me how to use it bit by bit as I believe it can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. I use a whole host of apps for my artwork and also for turning photos into art and I have done this for years, so I’m really looking forward to learning a whole load of new things.

“When you hit rock bottom, sit there a while and cry by all means, but look up, get up and appreciate what you have. Count your blessings and get yourself out there and make your life beautiful”

I’m never without great pain but I sure as hell ain’t going to sit here saying Oh poor me. The clock of life is ticking down. Life is so beautiful. It’s no one’s responsibility other than your own to make you happy. I have Multiple Sclerosis and a host of other health problems but I also made a choice after I lost my Mum. Hit the bottle or go back to my beautiful old simple life I left behind 10 years ago and build on my strengths, and that is just what I did. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, it could be good or it could be awful……So enjoy today, it may be your last. Su x

Actually, why the hell should I disable the Like Button just because he won’t do the decent thing and leave me alone on here and wants to play childish mind games. I AM NOT INTERESTED.

Reunited With My Simple Life

After almost 10 years I am so enjoying being reunited with my simple life. It was a life I used to enjoy so much, through choice. As a survivor of CSA and later in life I survived a narcissist. I had always found peace, solace and happiness in the simple things in life. Nature, wildlife, wide open spaces, the freedom of the great outdoors. Then I got distracted by a narcissist but the least said about that the better because he is HISTORY. Nature healed me back then and it’s healed me now too. Ok I have MS and other disabilities but I can still drive and I am so blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by nature and wildlife. I’ve been making lots of nature videos for my little YouTube channel but along the way I have discovered a love of photography too. Today we have set up a new blog to share our photographs. If you like nature too we would be so grateful for any likes and follows.

I’m still mourning the death of my beautiful Mum but she would be so happy of the route I have chosen to go down. It was my parents love of nature that I grew up with that I am so thankful for. Mother Nature is truly beautiful and I love her. No matter how hard things can be you should never give up fighting for you. Battle on and never look back. You are important and at the end of the day only you are responsible for your own happiness, no one else is. We are all walking along the road of life and the second hand on the clock keeps ticking down. Tick, tick, tick. I don’t intend wasting one single second of this beautiful life on the wrong thing ever again. I’m too old, too strong and I have fought too hard for too long and I am way too wise to follow a road sign that points to HELL ever again.

My Simple Life ~ Reunited
My Simple Life ~ Reunited

The Geese Goose Pond

They Are Killing Us Folks – Depopulation Of The Planet NOW. Watch This.

My Generation (Watch this to the end, under two minutes)

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UK Law, Consultation On Strengthening Law To Protect Victims Of PSYCHOLOGICAL Abuse

Today is a good day in the UK for all survivors/victims of narcissist’s and other perpetrators of EMOTIONAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE!

It’s a very BAD day for narcissist’s.Here are some articles taken from today’s press. I’m not a fan of the MSM (mainstream media) and prefer to read the alternative media for anything that remotely resembles the truth BUT I figured this was such a huge step in the right direction towards tackling the problem of psychological abuse that goes on in some relationships, leaving the victim a shadow of their former selves. These people know exactly what they are doing, and now we are a step further along the legal railroad heading in the right direction, and that direction is called JUSTICE. I’m almost positive our government has a hidden agenda in rolling this consultation forward but right now I really do not care, I’m just thankful that they are intending to severely punished the perpetrators of these truly evil hidden abuses.

The message from the Government is LOUD & CLEAR so I hope all you bastards are ready – you don’t need to use physical violence to injure another human being and if you keep on with your sick and twisted mind games YOU can be sent to jail for up to five years. Yes, it’s a bloody damn fine day today. My only hope for those that do go to jail is that they undergo some form of behaviour modification, without that they may come out even angrier than when they went in.

UK law

Government to launch consultation on strengthening the law to protect victims of psychological abuse

The government has announced that it will begin a consultation on making psychological abuse a criminal offence, in a move that has been welcomed by campaigners.

Theresa May said the government needs to make it clear that emotional abuse can be “a living hell” for victims and tougher laws are needed. “I want perpetrators to be in no doubt that their cruel and controlling behaviour is criminal,” she told the Guardian.

Existing legislation on non-violent abuse exists but only under stalking and harassment laws. It has never been explicitly criminalised when occurring within relationships.

The action has been welcomed by women’s charities and campaigners. “Two women a week are killed by domestic violence, and in our experience of working with survivors, coercive controlling behaviour is at the heart of the most dangerous abuse,” said Poly Neate, from the domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid.

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Domestic violence. A new criminal offence could protect abuse victims whose partners cause psychological harm.

The Guardian
A new criminal offence of domestic abuse could be introduced to include emotional and psychological harm inflicted by a partner within a relationship.

The government launched a consultation on Wednesday to look at strengthening the law by explicitly stating that domestic abuse covers coercive and controlling behaviour as well as physical harm.

The move comes after the way that police respond to domestic abuse in England and Wales was condemned as “alarming and unacceptable” in a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) in March.

The consultation document says that police fail to see abuse, particularly in its nonviolent form, as a serious crime, adding: “Creating a specific offence of domestic abuse may send a clear, consistent message to frontline agencies that nonviolent control in an intimate relationship is criminal.

“Explicitly capturing this in legislation may also help victims identify the behaviour they are suffering as wrong and encourage them to report it, and cause perpetrators to rethink their controlling behaviour.”

The latest statistics reported in the Crime Survey for England and Wales suggest that 30% of women and 16% of men will experience domestic abuse during their lifetime.

The Home Office said the type of behaviour a new law could cover included threatening a partner with violence, cutting them off from friends and family or refusing them access to money in order to limit their freedom. Under existing law, nonviolent coercive and controlling behaviour is captured by the legislation that covers stalking and harassment but it does not explicitly apply to intimate relationships.

The home secretary, Theresa May, said: “Tackling domestic abuse is one of this government’s top priorities. The government is clear that abuse is not just physical. Victims who are subjected to a living hell by their partners must have the confidence to come forward. Meanwhile, I want perpetrators to be in no doubt that their cruel and controlling behaviour is criminal.”

In the introduction to the consultation document, May acknowledges that changing the law cannot be a substitute for improving the police response – HMIC found that arrest rates varied from 45% to 90% across the 43 police forces in England and Wales – but says officers must have the best possible tools to do their job.

Polly Neate, chief executive of the charity Women’s Aid, said the change, if implemented, could help give victims greater confidence to speak out sooner. “This is a vital step forward for victims of domestic violence,” she said.

“Two women a week are killed by domestic violence, and in our experience of working with survivors, coercive controlling behaviour is at the heart of the most dangerous abuse. This move demonstrates a strong commitment from the Home Office to listening to victims of abuse in framing the law that serves them.”

The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, welcomed the move but said the coalition had presided over a “backwards slide” in action against domestic violence and support for victims. “Under this government, refuges across the country are cutting services and many are threatened with closure,” said Cooper.

“Prosecutions and convictions as a proportion of recorded domestic crime are falling. And over the last four years over 10,000 perpetrators of domestic violence have been handed only community resolutions, with many simply being asked to apologise to their victim.”


I AM NOW COMPLETELY FREE FROM ALL MIND GAMES, SILENT TREATMENT, EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE AND IT FEELS 100% AMAZING TO BE FREE AND “So Happy” after all these years. I would NEVER in a million years go back to that. I CHOOSE to ignore everything. Life, after all these WASTED years is finally amazing once more. Su x