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A Beautiful Sunset

After spending a wonderful day with my lovely daughter filming Grey Wagtails, we called at a local lake on the way home. You capture some pretty amazing sunsets in this wonderful special place in the North Wales hills in the UK. This sunset overlooks the lake and the ocean in the distance. Just one of those precious moments in life that take your breath away! It’s great to be alive & out there with my cameras no matter how difficult life is when you live with multiple disabilities. Moments like this make it worth all the effort.

One Of My Little Videos Is Going To Be On Channel 4

Hello November 

What an absolutely beautiful day. November 1st 2015. Here in Wales UK we have been out in our T Shirts all morning, no breeze at all, not a whisper. Beautiful sunshine and down by the lake even the dragonflies are flying about. We saw a couple of wasps or bees buzzing around too.  Very odd weather considering Christmas is only 7 weeks away. I’m not complaining one bit. As someone who has Multiple Sclerosis I can’t tolerate the heat without feeling ill so to be able to get out and about in this beautiful warm weather at this time of year is such a bonus, one I’m so thankful for too. Always grateful for small mercies.


Autumn Leaves (Free Art Print)

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S & S Photography North Wales

imageI love this time of year and the colour of the leaves, they are so beautiful. I’ve just been out to collect some leaves & photograph them. Click to enlarge. As always, if you like them please help yourself & use however you like. Su


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Vacant (Free Photographs/Art Prints)

RE blogged from my other site

S & S Photography North Wales

On the way up to a Welsh Mountain Lake this week I found myself bursting for the toilet. We finally found a little village with an old toilet block in the car park.

Much to my delight, upon entering I was greeted by a sight I hadn’t seen in probably 30 years. Do you remember these?

Vacant Vacant


Well I was born in the Sixties so these were a common sight here in the UK if you were caught short and needed to spend a penny.

I recalled not so long ago complaining to my daughter that we had to pay to use the public loos in Llangollen. I had completely forgotten that paying to go to the toilet isn’t a modern concept after all. It’s funny how we so easily forget the little things of by gone era’s, like popping your coin in the slot of the box to open…

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