It's Ok
It’s Ok

It’s ok to be unhappy
It’s ok to sit and cry,
It’s ok to say to people
That you really don’t know why.
It’s ok to ask the world
To just go and leave me alone,
I just want to be by myself
By myself at home.
Lock the world away from me
Keep them all at bay,
No one here to hurt me
No one here to say.
“Pull yourself together,
Come on just get a grip,
Fancy coming out today
How about that trip?”
I want to scream and tell the world
Leave me be in peace,
I’m tired, so tired, so tired of life
Some days I want it all to cease.
Why can’t society realise
Our souls needs seasons too,
Not everyday can be summer,
Not everyday will be blue.
Not everyone needs saving,
Not everyone needs you,
Not everyone needs a life
Years ago I withdrew.
I became a happy loner
That suited me just fine,
A quiet private person
I just don’t toe the line.
I have inside a heart of gold
but it’s locked with doors and keys,
The men who stole my childhood
Just left me diseased.
Allergic to life, to trouble and strife
I’ve had enough for today,
I’m not wishing for rainbows
I’m happy with my grey.

Su S