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Hello November 

What an absolutely beautiful day. November 1st 2015. Here in Wales UK we have been out in our T Shirts all morning, no breeze at all, not a whisper. Beautiful sunshine and down by the lake even the dragonflies are flying about. We saw a couple of wasps or bees buzzing around too.  Very odd weather considering Christmas is only 7 weeks away. I’m not complaining one bit. As someone who has Multiple Sclerosis I can’t tolerate the heat without feeling ill so to be able to get out and about in this beautiful warm weather at this time of year is such a bonus, one I’m so thankful for too. Always grateful for small mercies.



Restless Wind – Passenger

Such a beautiful song from my favourite ever group. Lovely to hear Mike mention “The mountains of North Wales” as they are also my favourite place to be. Modern civilisation? No thank you, give me the Restless Wind of the mountains any day.

“Restless Wind”

Where, hello there restless wind
It’s been a long time, since you’ve blown through the streets
I really don’t mind
If you pick me up off my feet, just one last time
And take me, where you’ve gotta go

I’ve been tied to a mast, anchored to a shore
Buried in the earth and rooted to the floor
As long as you willing, then I’ll be sure
To go with you, we’ve gotta go
Oh I don’t mind, where it is we go

From Northumberland’s hills, Yorkshire and her malls
The mountains of North Wales to the Cornish Shores
As long as you are mine, I’ll be yours,
I’ll go with you where you’ve got to go.
We’ll leave England’s green, her old country lanes,
over the yellow fields of France, to the beaches of Spain,
As long as you promise to take me home again.
I’ll go with you where you’ve got to go.
Ooh I don’t mind where it is we go

Just take me from here, take me somewhere I can disappear.
You’d take me anywhere my dear.

Oh and carry me away. Take me from this old dark day.
Restless wind, will you blow my way?

An (EXTRA) Ordinary Pair Of Little Wheels

Simply because they represent kindness to something that was broken & that kindness completely changed a life for the better.

Little wheels brought big smiles:)

2 Little Wheels
2 Little Wheels

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Autumn Leaves (Free Art Print)

Re blogged from my other site – A free Autumn Art Print. Su

S & S Photography North Wales

imageI love this time of year and the colour of the leaves, they are so beautiful. I’ve just been out to collect some leaves & photograph them. Click to enlarge. As always, if you like them please help yourself & use however you like. Su


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Breathe (Free Art Print)

As with most of my art prints, they start off with a photo I have taken & end up with some random pattern & maybe the odd word of encouragement. Click to enlarge. I hope everyone has a lovely week. There is never any copyright here, please help yourself if you like them & use as you wish. Su

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