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My Girl ~ Superfan

The things my daughter puts herself through, I love and admire her so much. She’s in constant pain with her muscle wasting disease but it never stops her. She’s a gutsy girl that’s for sure. She’s 19 and she’s always hopping on a train or coach by herself to somewhere. 9 and 10 hour journeys.

She went from Wales to Notting Hill, London W11 to see Jack Walton. That picture of her and Jack says it all and brings a lump to my throat. Her 9.5 hour journey was worth it. He is such a lovely young man, he stayed with her for 15 minutes and made her dream come true😊I pray that he will remain grounded and balanced on his roller coaster ride to fame. He’s a Yorkshire lad and Yorkshire men tend to stay pretty grounded to their roots. There’s some bad un’s out their lad (X factor) tread with caution and trust your gut instinct. Don’t sell your soul JackX


This young man writes all his own music and lyrics~A great star of the future I think. Good luck Jack x http://youtu.be/Caht4qL1lbQ

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Bestfriends & Soulmates


This was written in August. I’ve only just seen it. A lovely piece on Best friends & Soulmates x

Originally posted on Treebeardgarden's Blog:


As we progress through life we meet people who change us for better or for the worse.

When we meet someone we think is the most special person ever. The love and friendship of that person is all that matters to us. Then time passes as it does, we start to take things for granted and we, don’t forget they’re that special, we just think they will always be there and that is great or we think it is.







We then say or do things that that change things. They put so much stress on that friendship we get a little scared but still we think they will be there. We worry but do nothing about any of it. Not realising the stupidity of those actions.bf9carefull

What we should always remember is no one will stay if they are hurt continually, no one will stay…

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Real friends

Originally posted on Treebeardgarden's Blog:

In our lifetime we have few

If we’re lucky or or two

Folk who touch or soul

Leave an imprint lasting always

If we talk daily

Or maybe once a year

No matter, if they call

Needing help or an ear

We jump and try or damndest

To be what they need

True friendship

Soul-mates if you like

Will remain in

our hearts

our thoughts

our prayers

for eterntity

Just my thoughts on REAL FRIENDS.

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All Of Me ~ Boyce Avenue

I don’t post many love songs anymore~ I’m not quite sure what real love is anymore. 

This song is NOT for my ex narcissist JP. Just in case you read this old man. I rarely give you a second thought, you are not worth a second of my time, you nasty cruel man. I think about my ex best friend when I hear this beautiful song. Even though life goes on, I do think of him a lot, I loved him see. I’m an INFP and at this time in life I’m best staying inside my own cocoon. I’m healing, I’m mending & I’m recovering. I need to heal completely before I can even think about letting anyone else in. I hope…….well, I just hope. We all need hope when our lives have been left in tatters don’t we?


Hope is a beautiful thing. Su x

I hope everyone has a really lovely weekend x


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